The white style

Playing around with furnitures..

Jag har målat väggar, tak och lagt ett golv av papper från Panduro. 
Trappan är gjord av kartong och papper, sedan målad med vit färg.

Idag har jag testat att möblera hallen, får se hur det blir i slutändan. Dörren jag gjorde 
blev sådär tycker jag, så jag tog bort den och ska fundera över någon annan lösning.

The hallway

It was no stair in the dollhouse from start so I decided to do one,
and a wall beside, so now I have one more room to do something fun with.
And I shall give it a try to do my own painted door.. 

A new dollhouse

Today a new dollhouse arrived, it's a wood house from Panduro.
Follow from start and see how it turns out!


Through the hall towards the kitchen. 

 Soon I will show a new project. A new dollhouse! 
Join from start and see how it will be.

Christmas in the Dollhouse

Christmas time in the dollhouse.

I have made most of the interior, furnitures and even the kitchen
 of paper, fabric, self-adhesive plastic and so on. 

The whole house is built of cardboard and hard paper and stands on an MDF. 
The house is my own idea and design.

Ballet studio in a room box (Nr.1)

Room box decoration of a ballet studio.

The room box with a painting, just for a try of the proportions.


I have just started with a bathroom in the hall. It has marble walls and a black floor.
How I'm going to decorate it is still an open question.
Hmm .......

From the hallway to the bedroom.....



Kitchen details..

Kitchen close up..

Some little things.